Exculde EOS ERC-20 token from portfolio value


Eos ERC-20 token was locked permanently after it moved to the native chain a few years back, but my ethereum wallet still shows that it has value, which is incorrect and is not the live token

Hello, if you no longer have ERC-20 EOS in your wallet, where did it go? If it was moved to another wallet it should be marked as internal. If you just need to remove the EOS simply create a manual transaction and classify it as Revom fund, this get that EOS out of your wallet on Accointing and is a nontaxable event.

Thanks I will try the transaction option. In regards to the erc20 token it was frozen and coins where minted on the eos network which I sold since, but never the less, the erc20 token for eos is null and void by all accounts

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Awesome! Am I good to close this topic?

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