Etoro import not working

I’ll see if I can get someone on this, it will be fixed before tax season

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Dear Matt, did your team tried to cooperate directly with eToro by offering the bonus for cooperation or funding person from eToro team, who will be engaged? Maybe you can establish better API between two services exclusive for Accounting. Just as an non-standard idea approach for certain issues, where your team is more or less dependent on bad realization of exports from services. I saw you offer bonus for hiring persons who may help with certain problems, why not try to fund person from service like eToro to develop better API or export format suitable for Accointing?

Thank you for the feedback, I will inform the team

The problem with failed imports was because of date formats, some files have US date format and some have the European one, which probably depends on the user’s settings.
Regarding missing trades - the case with eToro is that it works like futures trading, so you don’t own any crypto using them, you only earn/lose USD. They actually return PNL for every closed position and that’s the value we’re using, that’s why there are no CRYPTO/USD trades, just USD deposits/withdrawals with appropriate classifications.

Well it’s tax season and I, like others in this post, am getting an error when trying to upload the eToro file “File import failed. Upload a valid file”. Will this issue be fixed or is it a lost cause? Like beats4legends, I made the mistake of buying a package before testing it and now I too am screwed.

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I just got confirmation that the eToro new file formate for the .csv imports are fixed and are in testing.
I will message you here when it is pushed live :slight_smile:

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thx, is this a frequently re-occuring deal with eToro and them changing their files which ends up breaking something?

Hi Etoro team, i see you have a fix for csv format but etoro website has options only for PDF or Xlsx formats. Also when i did the import with xlsx format, i see incorrect values. could you please check.

This is great news, I would be happy to test import with fresh exports in case needed and provide feedback

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Dear @santy there is no eToro team here, only Accointing team who tries to deal with format (tough to process one) eToro provide. In case you would like to be issue solved, you need to be more concrete what is wrong with examples, so Accointing team perform analysis. Just an advise, for our common interest!

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That is not an issue :slight_smile: