Ethereum 2 on Coinbase

Hi. I converted my Ethereum to Ethereum 2 on Coinbase for stacking. Your site doesn’t show my Ethereum 2 in my Coinbase portfolio on your site. Is there a way I can get it to show it.

Please see the following:

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Here is a statement from Accointing:
ETH2 is locked in the user’s wallet and they cannot move it, sell it, or touch it. They can’t do anything to it until ETH2 is launched. From a control point of view, they essentially don’t own it because they don’t have control over it. Additionally since it is locked in their account, they can’t generate a tax event from it.
ETH2 is not a currency that exists and because of how actual balances work we are still showing them as 0 even if they classify them as ETH. We have a solution planned for ALL of these unknown currency problems.

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