Ethereum 2.0 (Staked Ethereum)

On my Kraken Exchange in Accointing my staked Ethereum doesn’t show up, it looks like I just withdrew my Ethereum vs staking it. It shows up under unknown currency as ETH2, so it looks like it is showing up under the API somewhere and acconting doesn’t know what to do with it.

HI @RoundhouseMcKik! We will take a look at it tomorrow and get back to you. Apologies for any inconvenience it might cause.

I can verify that this is still an issue. My staked DOT shows up, but not my staked ETH. And to clarify, I mean the amount that was staked, not the staking rewards, the staking rewards show up fine.

Hi @mentaltam @RoundhouseMcKik! Could you please share some screenshots of what’s happening with your Polkadot/staked Ethereum please at If you could show what’s missing in one screenshot, that would be great!

Hey Rod, sent in an email to the specified email address with screenshots showing staked amount and what’s showing in in Accointing.

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Appreciate it @mentaltam. Will follow up on this. If there’s no answer, please ping me here again.

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No problem @Rod. How long should I wait to ping you on this?

2 days max @mentaltam

The staked ethereum now shows up, I think you can close this one out!

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