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HI Matt

how far along are you with the Axie/Ronin integration?
My transactions on Ronin are a nightmare definitely hundreds if not thousand. Possible tax implications everywhere and there is no way to clean that up without an API…

pleased to hear

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Hi Matt thanks reply

so I see that Ronin at least will be the next thing you are working towards?
Is there a viable workaround as referenced on your screenshot?


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The workaround in a manual wallet, I suggest waiting. We hired a new guy, he should be working on this soon!

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thank you really like the way you are dealing with the community request here. Keep up the good work. Also props for the accointing tools sofar. I have already tried 3 different providers and it is by far the best to use. Really satisfied with my subscription

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Hey, any news?

Any news on this, my ronin transactions are only getting worse. If running a node would help, im happy to help with that. The Sky Mavis Team just recently gave instructions on how to run your own non-validating node.

Running a node I do not think would help, we simply read the block explorer. Our new guy starts Monday.

October update:

I wrote a converter (that I use for my manual wallet) from Ronin Explorer to Accointing supported CSV.

Simply replace {ADDRESS} with your own Ronin address and it will spit out a CSV file.{ADDRESS}/export?unwrapEth=false

Some example at

I feel like reading the block explorer is not efficient or effective? Its so much better getting the data from a node. And the Ronin block explorer has been having some issues.

Also, reading from the block explorer explains a LOT of the issues that I am having with AXS.


Lots of community devs deeply involved with the ronin chain. Can’t wait to see tax software support for it! Thanks to Max for getting this feature request big attention!

If any of those devs want another job, they are more than welcomed to apply here at Accointing :stuck_out_tongue:

Blockchain and Crypto Industry Jobs

Any news???