Error in exchange import

Hello Guys,
i did find an error in the CSV import of the exchange that results in a wrong balance.
If you have card top ups with a crypto currency (you send crypto to your visa card - there is an internal sell and withdrawal involved) the line just gets ignored and thus you still have the sold crypto currency in you balance. This might by an easy regex conversion fix in the import routine.
Exp.: 2020-10-24 17:14:13,LTC → EUR,LTC,-0.67,EUR,-33.41,-38.8812112429,card_top_up
This line gets ignored instead beeing replaced with a sell order of the crypto and a subsequent fiat withdrawal.
Is there any easy fix? And can you please look into an automated solution =)
Thanks and greets…

Would you be willing to send us this file with the transaction that is ignored?

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Will do - what schould i enter in the field “Receiving address/xpub or read-only API credentials (never share your wallets’ private key)”?
Seems i can’t submit without filling out the whole ticket form.

Alright - ticket send =)

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