ENJ coin is not showing profit loss in the mobile app

I added ENJ which is on my Binance Exchange…
It loads everything fine…but the Profit and Loss field stays completely empty… .

any advise?

Let me see if there are any reports on the Profit and Loss fields on the mobile app. In the meantime, are you able to upload some screenshots? Or email us the screenshots if you do not want them posted here.


It seems to be working for me, which exchange or wallet did you use to receive your ENJ?

Hi Matt,
The exchange wallet I used is Binance…
I also have a bit of SOL on there… and that shows up just fine… But got ENJ I’m getting this… See screenshot… so no data in the pnl field…

That usually means that you are missing the acquisition cost. Notice the average buy price is also missing. without this information, it can’t calculate profit/loss.

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