ELON value in BTC buggy / incorrect

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem. I got some ELON on Poloniex and it seems that Accointing is having issues displaying its correct value in BTC on the portfolio page. Strangely the USD amount is correct. Only if I switch over to BTC it seems to break the system. It tells me I have 4 BTC in ELON, which is onviously not the case. :smiley: Also both “Average Purchase Price” and “Loss / Profit Value” for it are 0.

I import the transactions via API from Polo, so not sure what the issue there could be?

Thanks a lot for having a look into this.

Sounds like you are having issues with the value of your Dogelon Mars (ELON). So it displays it’s value correctly is USD, but incorrectly. Can you send me photos of this so I can share it with the team?

While you are waiting, you can check out the following:
Check the solution in this post, does it address your issue?: Portfolio Value graph incorrect
Also, can you send me a screenshot of your missing currencies under the Review tab?
Here is an article if prefer to read over watching that video. Calculated and Actual Balance on the Accointing.com Platform

Also keep in mind that Accointing takes the prices from CoinMarketCap, not from the exchanges themselves. Getting the prices from the exchanges themselves would take a ton of time and energy and may be possible in the future, but not at this time.

Hi Matt,

Thanks, will do. How can I share the screenshots privately?


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You can click my name and click message :slight_smile:

Thanks. But where is the button? :slight_smile:

Interesting… I will send you a private message :slight_smile:

Looks like the issue has been fixed for me, can you let us know what you see?


This to looks like a bug in BTC mode and decimals. This can occur if the currency is worth less than a satoshi.

So above it worked in USD, but not in BTC mode.

Thanks, I see. Is there a way to ignore it for the time being?

You can switch over to USD view, or whichever fiat currency you have set as your default.