DREP Price not updated

DREP prices is not updated on Accointing.com or mobile app!!!
The chart stopped moving and price is not matched with latest

Hi! Is this issue still going for you? Is DREP updated?


Yes, DREP is still showing $1.96 whereas at binance.com it is $2.089

Apparently there are two DREPs:image .

We have added the new DREP. The price should be updated today at 11:00 p.m. GMT

Thank you very much!!!

Will original purchase prices be update to align to the redenomination 100:1 that was done recently
moving from DREP (old) to DREP (new) ?

You can verify that Nathan in your Full Data Set. Prices are based on the values provided by cmc for different tokens:

but it appears so based on CMC

Rod, thanks understand - but my portfolio is still pulling through as if DREP old - even though price is showing as DREP new. Can you explain that or do I need more technical help to resolve this?
Original price is showing as DREP old - current price is showing as DREP new.

I removed my wallet(Binance) and added again and it resolved the issue.

Thanks - I have now gone through and deleted where had multiple transactions for some reason one as DREP and one as DREP new. Will try removing wallet and adding again if that does not work.