Double Balance When Linking Wallet (Exodus)

My balance for my ADA wallet is showing exactly double the amount that is correct.

I have linked my Exodus Wallet via an ADA address. Looking at “Full Data Set”, filtering by wallet, I can see the transaction history looks correct:

So the synopsis is:

  • Add 42 ADA from Exchange
  • Stake 2 ADA
  • total of 40 ADA remain

Yet my balance shows a total of 80 ADA.

I do not mind manually reconciling here, but I just don’t know how to do that without making it look like a taxable event (i.e. a withdraw).

I have tried:

  • the “reconcile” tool under “Review” but it works in the wrong direction–it thinks it should override the 40 with 80, but really it should override the 80 with a 40.
  • manually altering the transaction ID of the internal transfer (exchange’s reported TxID was different than wallet’s), but that didn’t work, either.

I am in US.

Thank you for help.

Hi @ElMoselYEE ! Let us take a look at this issue more closely and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you can share your account details to so we can take a look at it more closely, we would appreciate it.

Hi @ElMoselYEE! We are currently working on a fix for this. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks, Rod. I have sent details to the provided email address.

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Just want to confirm that I also have this issue.

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Issue still present - FYI - hope it it still being worked on

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Confirmed. Still working on it. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will keep you posted.

Is there an update on this yet. Do we know if this will be fixed on the next update?