Double amounts shown in holdings graphic and net profits

Today I could see something strange on my holdings and net profits graphics. The amounts shown are double of the real amounts. The total value shown is correct but graphics show this total X 2.
What’s wrong?

Let me look into this.
Is this still an issue?
Do you have photos by chance that you would be willing to share?

Here is the image:

Like you can see my balance is on 8,5K but the graphic shows around 15K

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I’m having the same issue

This is cause of the “binance fiat api patch” a few days ago. Every fiat deposit is now double in your history. One come from the old system and one come from the new system. I deleted every “manual” deposit by hand :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: @Matt @Luca

Thank you for this info, LOCKER, sorry about this!

@Bowlinggod and @MichelLeGrand could this be your issue?

Thanks how do you delete the duplicates?

Go to your Full data set and classify them as ignored.

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