Display error please fix

Please fix!

[Photo removed by requst]

Are you able to identify which wallet or exchange is the issue?

The issue seem to be fixed.

How can I edit my initial post?

For certain coins, for example FTM, ALGO, DOT, the line with “average price” and “profit /loss” is not visible in my iPhone app. Please fix!

I am happy to hear the the app display error is fixed :smiley:
I am sorry to say but you can only edit a post if you just recently posted it.
Please refresh all yours exchanges/wallets in the app or on the web browser and then check your coins again :slight_smile:

Feel free to create a new post and I can close this one if you wish :slight_smile:

If refreshing does not work, can you check in the full data set if there are transfers imported for the coins?

What exchange are you using?

Hi Matt

The line with “average price” and “profit /loss” is still not visible in my iPhone app for several coins. Those coins are deposited at Binance.

I see a new display error in KSM chart. A candle/ wick goes to zero on 19th, 20th of October. It looks very similar to the previous error mentioned earlier. If I switch to 1h view, the displayed graph gets weirdly small.

I’d like to remove the picture because it contains personal information.

Photo removed by request.
Let me talk to the team about your issue.