Difference between app & pc reporting

I have 4 coins where the balance etc and coins held are reported in the APP but only the No of Coins held is reported on the PC (and no value or price change).
Coins are RICH (Rich City), WAROO (Super Whale), HAPPY (happy Coin) and SAVE (Save The World). The last two have tanked to be fair but the other two I am expecting significant moves from :crossed_fingers:

Which exchange/wallet are you using to hold these coins?
Can you please go to your pc and look at your Accointing’s exchange/wallets and tell me if it is there after you click refresh?
After that, can you go to your full data set please and see if there are any transactions for the coins you mentioned?

The coins are all held in MetaMask BSC.

I have refreshed the Wallet in Accointing and the coins are still not fully reporting in Portfolio

Entries appear in the Full Data Set for these coins and have done for some time.

Coins balance and value continue to report in the App

Hope you can sort.

For your coins, (RICH, WAROO, HAPPY, and SAVE).
I noticed that all these coins are waaay under 1 cent per coin, and that SAVE is no longer tracked by CoinMarketCap and therefore will not return a value in our system for now.

For SAVE, please see the following:
Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
Missing currencies: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

For the others:

I believe this is the main issue you are having - VOTE for TRILLION token quantity - #14 by heldchen

In the frontend we commonly round prices (esp. fiat representation of values) to 2 digits. On the internal side, we keep a precision of 8 decimals though. This is relevant to for the tax calculation and is precise enough. For coin quantities and values, we currently have a maximum of 9999999999999.99999999

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