DFSG wrong realized gains

Hi guys,

SInce DFsocial token changed for DFSG token, my realized gains in my portfolio/performance is incorrect. Now it’s written 6282$ realized gains but i didn’t sell a single penny yet. So i have no idea where this comes from. I’m sure you understand the importance of an accurate realized gains calculation :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your help !

May I know which wallet or exchange you are holding these on?
Can you check if the amount of the new DFSG token is correct?
Accointing to this article, you were supposed to switch your old tokens into the new tokens, therefore you may need to do that in your Accointing. Especially since you’ll receive 1050 $DFSG for every 1 $bDFSocial you bridge.

on MMwallet. Yes i received the exact same amount (x1000 that is).

‘‘therefore you may need to do that in your Accointing’’ What do you mean by that ?

And it should be 1000 dfsg for every bdfsocial (the swapping is close, the ending date was end of october)

In your full data set does it show the swap from the old DFSocial to the new DFSocial?
If not, please manually create one for the time you did it.

If you decided to keep the old tokens, let me know.

Yes the swap is written, at the time there was a 15% bonus if you were swapping before otober 8 or around that time. But even with a bonus, it shouldnt be written any realized gains because i didnt sell a single token. Realized gains column should be 0 and everything should be in unrealized gains…

The way this crypto works is: depending on the tournament, you can lock 2000 dfsg on a player for a tournament, its locked for 1 month. If your player does well, you get 50/50 (sponsor/player). Could there be a miss calculation because of that ? because im getting “free” tokens by sponsoring?