Deribit import of swaps & option trades via API or CSV

I understand that you guys currently do not import trade and swap transactions via the API but only deposits, withdrawals and P&L.

Is this feature on the agenda for the near future? If not via API then via CSV (deribit log export)?


At this time, the API information that we receive from Deribit does not send the data that you requested. When Deribit does add that information to their API, then we will certainly add them to Accointing :smiley:

@Matt. Thanks, appreciate it, I gathered as much from the existing threads on this topic.

If the information is not available via API at the moment, any chance you guys can add this feature via CSV import of the Deribit log file (=transactions) - as you already do it for other exchanges, e.g.

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Please fill in any missing transactions by going to full data set and on the top left, you can add a transaction.
You can go to your wallets page and add the .CSV file (reformat it to match Accointing’s format).

  1. Edit your Deribit connection - image
  2. Click on Manually
  3. Follow the steps (Please exclude any transactions that was already added through the API.

Can you please try to contact Deribit? I will do it as well.
A tax train wreck is coming for German users.

Deribit sometimes makes 20 log entries for 1 trade. For tax compliance reasons we will have to file taxes on a trade (example: if I buy and sell one contract for a call option, that one trade that has to be accounted for taxes. Profit and loss is summed together.

Grouping by transactions (log entries)-> the sum of the wins in Fiat is high and so the losses
Grouping by trades → the sum of wins in Fiat is less than above. The same for the losses.

Now in Germany in 2021 we can only deduct a certain amount of losses per year. (20.000 EUR). If amount of Fiat Gains is artificially high we have to pay a lot of taxes unnecessarily.

Dear Matt,

Here is the answer from Deribit:

*we provide trade and swap transaction log via this end-point *
https:// #private-get_transaction_log

can you help us? I insert two void spaces or else it will not show it here. Please remove the void if you want to look up.


Thanks, Matt. That is, of course, possible but I have to admit that I am loath to invest the substantial time required to manually map the deribit transactions - by trial and error - to your accointing classifications (margin_gain, margin_fee, …) without knowing the implications for the tax report. That is, ultimately, what I pay accointing for. Feel free to reach out to me to talk about a consulting contract with me. :wink:

I think there are already a lot of people trading in options that would appreciate the deribit integration, with deribit being the absolute market leader (ex US). And the user base will only grow, so that will be a valuable offering for you guys in the future. And thanks to @Poorboy 's clarification an API integration seems possible.

Let us know how we can get this feature request prioritized please.

Thanks for clarifying w/ deribit. Fully agree on the train wreck… It is imperative that Accointing is automatically importing Deribit transactions to treat it correctly in our tax returns. For me, this is becoming a go / no-go feature for using accointing.

Hey guys, we currently support Deribit

If you are experiencing an issue when trying to add your data, please fill out this form:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:

For Germany you have to aggregate the transactions on a per trade basis. Or Else you are going to pay too much… and I am above the 20.000 euro limit that you can offset with losses.

@secondaryrealms Maybe you can fill in the ticket as well? I will do it over the weekend.


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