Defi, Depreciating Tokens & Frictionless Rewards

There are now new defi tokens that have Quadrillions in supply which depreciate over time. Because of the huge supply, it seems that the units that can be tracked is locked. For example I have over 1 trillion of a token, but Accointing is unable to add the correct amount of tokens I have in my wallet.

Also, for every transaction, holders receive 1% or more of the transaction in ratio to how much you hold. More you hold, more rewards. This reward system is built into the smart contract so there are no TX ID’s, your token grows over time from frictionless rewards. But Accointing right now is unable notice that my tokens are increasing even if I refresh the wallet. It only shows my first initial buy of the token.

The TX ID’s of the buy of these tokens can’t even import the right amount of tokens I buy because of the unit limit, e.g. If I buy over 959 billion tokens, Accointing can only show 99,999,999,999 max!

How can I get help with this?

Hi! We will take a look at this and get back to you with an answer.

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Thank you, also some of these tokens are Multi Chain. Meaning you can buy the token but on the ERC20 (Ethereum Chain) & BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain). I have the same token, but the ETH Side is stored in my Metamask, my BSC side stored in my Binance Linked Wallet.

When I import data, it shows the wrong amount of coins due to the digit limit, but also the increasing coins due to rewards, the initial bought tokens don’t increase on Accointing, but it does in my wallet. Is there a way to fix this?

You can import them with the Binance Smart Chain integration:

Hey Rod, Thanks. I’ve been able to do that.

But the digit limit is still here, where Accointing can not import the right amount of the token I swapped/bought. Meaning it does not show the correct dollar value. Also the token receives rewards frictionless as it is written in the smart contract code, so no TX ID’s are made for the increased amount in the wallet. Any time I refresh, the amount of coins have not changed on accointing compared to what I have in my wallet.

Let me get back to you on what’s the status of this in terms of pipeline priorities. I understand where you are coming from, but would need to know the priorities in development to give you a more accurate answer.

Hi! We will be working on this enhancements this week. Thank you for your patience!


Great thank you! Looking forward to the enhancements!

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Can you please let me know when and what enhancements have been added to aid this when you can. Thanks!

We hope to be doing a push soon. I’ll let you know if this impacts this bug in any way.

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Hey Rod, any update on this? I’m still unable to see the correct $FEG Dollar amount or to see the right amount of the token I have.

Wrong amount of FEG Tokens (I have much more), and shows no price. The Imported transactions from Binance Smart chain wallet shows I still only bought 99,999,9999,999 $FEG when It’s actually more if you follow the TXID link

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Hey Rod, it’s been a month. The tokens I have, and the amount it’s worth is still all incorrect.

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You hit the max coin limit per transaction, the feature request @Matt suggested if for increasing that limit. For now, you would have to do manual transactions for any amounts over the coin limit.


I’ve done it manually too, but it automatically changes to coin limit.

What you unfortunately will have to do, and let me know if this works. In your manual transaction use the max coin limit. Then make another manual transaction to add the rest.
Let me know if this works or if a coin limit is also reached on the wallet page.
It worked when I tried it :slight_smile:

Vote here: VOTE for TRILLION token quantity - #4 by Matt
Vote here for frictionless increasing in coin amounts: Frictionless Yield Coins Update Coin balances

Vote here for frictionless increasing in coin amounts: Frictionless Yield Coins Update Coin balances

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