Declaration of API operations of Pancakeswap (Cake-Pool)

Hello all,

I use Pancakeswap and stake there Cake in the pool. Once a month I add fresh capital. I use the Automatic Cake pool there. So earnings are compounded directly when someone picks up earnings for everyone via the parent harvest button.

I am currently undecided how to label each operation.

So, when I add fresh capital in the form of Cake to the pool, here’s what happens:

4 transactions are then reported via API:

  1. API reports Deposit → previously compounded amounts (I have declared as Staking).
  2. API reports Deposit → deposited amount for staking without compounded amounts (currently declared as funds deposit for me)
    3)API reports payout-> original deposited amount for staking without compounded amounts but with (???) which can’t be declared either
    4)API reports payout → original staking amount plus staking income (currently declared as funds payout)

I currently have transaction 3 declared as ignore because I can’t do anything with it. But somehow I have the feeling that the transaction should/must be declared somehow.

I am located in Germany.

Has anyone already mastered the challenge? Or how do you declare the mentioned transactions or would declare it?

Thanks for your advice!