Dealing With Discrepancies Found By Accointing

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Accointing is highlighting unexplained transactions in my Binance account, which I thought would have been automatically resolved. It is not clear where funds came from for a trade,.

I have, on occasions, converted one crypto to another in Binance. These types of transactions don’t appear to be recognised by Accointing. How do I tell Accointing about conversions?

I have placed orders in Binance using one currency, for example USDT, to buy another, but for some reason Accointing is asking where the funds came from (“No purchase history…”). I don’t understand, because I was using a crypto already held to trade for another (the crypto being used in the trade was bought with added fiat funds, but that deposit and the subsequent trade should have been recognised by Accointing) . How do I inform Accointing that these are crypto to crypto trades?

I have also transferred crypto from an exchange to a wallet. These have been highlighted by Accointing, but I can’t see any option in the dropdown list to classify this as such a transaction. It’s not really a withdrawal where I am taking the proceeds to use, I am storing the crypto in another location. How can I correctly classify these transfers?

Huobi - a purchase using BTC to buy another crypto is queried “No purchase history…” for BTC. I transferred the BTC to Huobi from another exchange. How do I correct this? Why isn’t the transfer out from the other exchange (Coinbase) recognised as the source (this transfer is shown as ‘Withdraw’)?

The first question i have is, did you import your Binance data via api or CSV import?

if it was using the API, the API key should have permissions to read all deposits, withdraws, and conversion (the terminology might be different on Binance). If the API key has the proper authorization, it should import everything.

If you transferred coins from Coinbase to Binance, Coinbase should show a Withdraw and Binance should show a Deposit. If they have similar timestamps and the same transfer amount then you can link the two by classifying them as internal.

If Accointing is saying there is no purchase history and is complaining about missing funds, that means your Binance import might be missing deposits of the missing funds.

if you withdrawn funds from Binance to an external wallet, you would either need to import the wallet data via its address or add the transactions manually. once you have a matching deposit and withdraw to and from your accounts, you classify them as internal.

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Thank you for your input, Alan. Binance import was via API key. I’ll check on a couple of points that you mentioned and report back. UPDATE: while manually amending some transactions, I entered some wallet to exchange internal transfers. One coin in particular, MINTME, which is an ERC20 type token, is not recognised by Accointing, so I have to enter it as an ERC20 token. However, as a consequence, Accointing is seeing its value as far, far higher than its true worth, therefore my portfolio is greatly distorted in value. How about adding MINTME, Accointing?

if you have a coin that isnt listed on accointing, you should ask for it to be added under the missing currencies section of this forum so that support can get it added. the missing coin must be listed CoinMarketCap, so when you put the request also put a link to the coin’s listing on there.

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@terrorbite I have added MintMeCOM Coin, please sync it to the newly added correct coin. :slight_smile: In the future, do not link coins to ERC20, as that is actually a coin in itself. Instead put in a missing currency request like @alantbarlow had said :slight_smile:

Do you have any more questions or am I clear to close this post?:slight_smile:

Thanks. Mintme showing now.

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Thanks, Mintme showing now, however I still have other problems. Accointing is not recognising possible transactions to resolve discrepancies when I am classifying entries as internal. For example, I transferred tokens from my wallet to STEX. The transaction to move the tokens from the wallet is shown in my records. The system is highlighting the move from my wallet as something that needs review. I am trying to mark it as internal (as I transferred the tokens to STEX), but when I do this, I am only shown an option to resolve the issue with an XLM transaction. The system is not seeing the receipt at STEX as a possible transaction to resolve the issue.

I also have other similar issues which are unresolved and I’m trying to work through.

For your internal issues. Can you edit your transactions to make sure they have the same transaction number? This will help our system.
If your internal transactions still do not appear under the review apge, then you must ensure that both transfers were made within a 6 hour window and that the amount of the transaction is the same. In the Full Data Set you can edit your transfers so that they appear here.

Hi Matt,

I am currently going through numerous discrepancies and resolving them one by one. It will take some time. If I hit a brick wall, I’ll let you know. I notice that there is a flaw with Binance’s transaction history using the API, cash deposits do not show up. It’s necessary to add them manually. In order to get a .csv file with them on, you have to do a transaction run, which can take a few hours.

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Yes, Binance and BinanceUS do not send fiat deposits and withdrawals through their API, therefore Accointing does not receive that information and cannot keep track of that for you. Gratefully these are classified as Add funds or Removed funds, which is not a taxable event, but we will hope Binance adds this data to their API.

Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

Consider this:

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