Date / Time format for importing and adding manual transactions

I recommend to use the more common date/time format YYYY-MM-DD T HH:MM:SS UTC Timezone" like "2020-12-07T18:20:42-09:00"to enter transactions. The time zone support is needed to match internal transactions between exchanges that use different time zones.

All wallets, exchanges, etc, that required manual entry of transactions in Accointing provide their transactions in the above format. Converting time zones and date formats in my head before entering a transaction is very error prone.


Hi @aaschwanden,

sadly not all exchanges utilize the same format, so we have to come up with a strategy that suits the most. We are currently working on internationalization and this includes date/time formats. Therefore Iā€™d be happy to hear your feedback.

Our current approach will be to use the local format that the browse suggests, therefore every user should receive a time format in his familiar style. For XLSX/CSV imports the story is slightly different as we need to use what works with MS Excel around the globe. But I guess you are mainly referring to date inputs like this one:

Those date formats will be localized in one of the upcoming releases!

I timezone dropdown option would be a great addition. Many of the Asian based exchanges work on Beijing time.

Others covert to your local timezone. But I agree with the original post, adding manual transactions is a pain anyway especially if you need to keep changing timezones in your head.