DappRADAR (RADAR) in Miscaluclating Coin Value by Quite a Bit

DappRADAR (RADAR) is being miscalculated. Instead of something like $0.024008, it shows $0.2400. Accointing is incorrectly 10Xing the coin.

Which RADAR are you using?



I think that instead of the coin being off my 10x, that our system is pulling in that you own a similarly named coin, the wrong coin that you own.

Please check your Full Data set and see if it is displaying the incorrect symbol for the coin you actually own.

Can you please let me know which coin you actually own and which wallet/exchange you hold it in?
I should be able to fix it.

Yep, that is proabbly what is happening. The coin I have is DappRadar. So, once you fix it, what happens in the future when I upload Crypto.com App CSV files. Will it need fixed everytime?

Also, is their a planned date for full integration with the Crypto.com App since we in the US cannot use an api to pull the info in to Accointing?


I believe that I was able to fix the issue. Can you please check? All future transactions should be fixed, but all past ones may need to be manually updated to the correct coin.

And please vote here to see API integration with CyrptoCom

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