Daily Report / Day Summary page


I live in the netherlands and to account for taxes we need to report our holdings on the 1st of january in Euro value.

I have tried the deo tax returns but they dont provide the information needed, instead i look at the overall portfolio chart. It would be very helpful if we were able to see a daily summary page or a custom tax report which allows users to build how it looks or what data it provides

The description of this request does not match the title of the request.

At first it sounded like you were requesting support for Netherland Tax Reports, then you mentioned the daily summary page but didn’t actually say what that page would include, or be used for. You also mentioned another feature request of Custom Tax Reports. If you want people to vote for your requests to get them implemented, The requests need to be as focused as possible while adding specific details to explain your idea. I’d suggest giving more detail on what a daily summary page would look like here and creating additional feature requests for supporting Netherland and Custom tax reports.


I agree with @alantbarlow, please give more info on your issue so we can try and solve it, or I would suggest creating a new post about a specific feature that you would like to see implemented so others can vote on it :slight_smile:


Thanks i will extend the description

I see that you made a new post, I will close this one :slight_smile:
If future people see this, please vote here: Per Day Report / Summary