Cyber Monday discount code says Expired

Hi there,
I’m currently on the free plan but would like to purchase the Trader plan. I received a promo email with a discount code to enter but when I put it in on the purchase page it says “This coupon has expired.” (See screen shot attached.) The email says the coupon is "*valid through November 30th " and I’m pretty sure it is still 30 Nov in Switzerland (9:29p 11/29/2021 US Eastern time right now.) Can you apply the 40% off discount code or provide a new one to me so that I can go forward with the upgrade? I wasn’t confident enough to buy the Trader plan right now and get a refund later.
Thank you!
Accointing Error

I’m having the same problem. I tried on the 29th and today the 30th thinking it was a temporary bug, but still an issue. I’ve love to purchase, but want to use the discount code. Please contact me.

Hi, can someone respond or help us out here?

I attempted to purchase a membership today. However it would not let me use the discount code even though the email said #CYBERTAXES was good through the 30th.

Please help

Please email us at with the title CYBER MONDAY DISCOUNT CODE and we will take care of you.

Hi @inline

If you have not already, please submit a request through and we’ll be more than happy to resolve this issue.

If you have sent in a request, we will get to it in short order.