Custom Tokens + Custom Price ASAP

The system needs custom Tokens urgently!

It is unusable with the advent of NFTs, Defi and LP Tokens if there is no support for custom Coins.

Furthermore upon integration there has to be a customizable price!
For example if you receive COTI rewards the CMC Price is not correct. Because the native COTI Token ist traded on Kucoin at 15% less. CMC takes the ERC20 Coti Price from Binance.
Result: the tax calculation for rewards is way to high.

As of now it is not possible to use Accointing and expect correct Taxdata - please update customisation ASAP!

We plan to add this feature in about a month and a half, unless we run into an issue.
Please add anymore comment to this post so we can keep them all in one place :slight_smile:
This upgrade would also allow users to keep track of NFTs.
Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

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