Thanks a lot for the website, it is in big part very very good. Nevertheless I noticed a few bugs :

For we can import the list of trades from the App, but there is also an exchange and for that there is no import nor API connection. Resulting in false positions as it does not take into account what happened on the exchange.

For Metamask, I had some issues with my funds which are staked on Pooltogether and that do not appear correctly


Hi @brax! Thanks for your feedback. We are taking a look into the integration. Regarding the Metamask issue, would you mind providing some more context for that please. If you could provide some screenshots, would be great.

Hi Rod,

Nice to hear that you are looking into the integration! Will use it with pleasure once both the exchange and the app are properly integrated.

Regarding Metamask I have two remarks:

  1. I am using pool together, and while acointing did detect the UNI and USDC tickets that I hold, it did not detect my COMP position, so I am missing this in my wealth.

  2. I am also providing liquidity on Uniswap and stacked my LP tokens in another applications (the sandbox liquidity mining), as this is outside of my wallet I believe that this is not possible to aggregate into my account.


Hi @brax! Thank you for your comments. Have you seen our article regarding liquidity pool mining. Maybe this can shine a light on your problem: How to Import Liquidity Pool Transactions to - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software