card cashback reverted - How to categorize?

In the case when you make a return on something purchased with the prepaid debit visa cards at you get a reverse of the CRO rewards with comment: card_cashback_reverted.

How should we be categorizing these transactions in

Let me ask for clarification before I give you an answer :slight_smile: May I know what country you are in?

While I wait for them to reply, check this out - Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes | Crypto Portfolio Tracker

I am located in the United States of America

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The best thing to do in this situation is to ignore both transactions. This is because the first transaction is a reward and the second transaction is just a reversal of that reward. The two transactions just cancel each other out, so you can safely ignore both transactions.


This is what I did as well.

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