app - how do I keep my CSV import updated? (mining and want to update weekly at minimum)

  1. Any idea on when will have API support in the US for the App?? Love their platform and all the things but this is crippling.

  2. I do not see a way to update an existing exchange connection as when I import an updated CSV it creates a new exchange (1) for

Is there a better way to do this without creating duplicate and then deleting the old one?

Concerning 1.:
There is already a discussion for that API integration
Just vote for it and the priority will be increased.
According to API integration - #34 by Matt they are already working on the support.

Concerning 2.:
I was looking for a way myself today and found that the following is working:

  1. click edit button of the exchange
  2. choose and upload new CSV file

Was able to update but it created duplicates of some but not all transactions.

Merge, please add comments here: API integration