Create Opposite side of an Internal transaction

I have an XLM wallet that is automatically monitored (1). I have transferred to a wallet that needs manual entry (2).

I have a transaction that moves XLM from wallet 1 to wallet 2. It appears in wallet 1 and shows as an unknown destination. If I change the classification to Internal it shows a list of possible matches but, obviously, the matching transaction is not there.

If I create the transaction in wallet 2 then it creates a matching transaction in 1 - so there are now 2 withdrawals in wallet 1.

At the moment I am creating the manual transactions and ignoring the API ones, which is not ideal. How should I really do this?

See Allow users to manually correct which wallets were used in a transaction


What you are doing is fine :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Troubleshooting: Internal Transactions - The Hub on