Cost basis on SUPDOG

Any tips for establishing a cost basis for SuperDoge? I made the swap on PancakeSwap a few days ago and the token wasnt added to CMC till today. CMC doesnt have a price history earlier than today when it was listed.

If you purchased the coin before CMC started tracking it, make an OTC manual transaction - Over-The-Counter (OTC) Transactions - The Hub on

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I really like that it links the swap into one clean transaction. Am I able to do this with all my other DEX swaps without causing any issues? It appears like it wouldn’t mess with my cost basis’.

If you follow the article and trade your SuperDoge into USD via an OTC transaction and then that cash into the other coin, it should fix your cost basis for these coins :slight_smile:

My cost basis appears to be fine without making a cash transaction. I just combined my BNB(transfer out) with the SUPDOG(transfer in) into an OTC transaction. Am i missing something? I was asking if it makes sense to turn all my PancakeSwap transactions into OTC like I did with SUPDOG. It just looks cleaner and is easier to read, along with less transactions.

That is up to you, just as long as it all shows the correct value in our system so that we can give an accurate tax report :slight_smile:

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