Cost basis incorrect on some coins


My portfolio is showing big losses that are demonstrably inaccurate, and I’m finding it’s because of inaccurate prices for some coins in the DB. Screenshot attached. This is happening to quite a few transactions.

The cost of the ELK token at the time was ~$1, and ~$30 for AVAX. Given the cost basis pictured, that would put the price of the tokens at ~$1.78 and ~$51, respectively.

Unfortunately the Tradingview pair of ELK/USDT is broken, but I can verify through other 3rd party trading sites that the price of ELK was ~$1. I verified within the CMC site that AVAX was not $51. Times displayed are UTC.

Is there a way for me to manually fix the cost basis? What are my options here? With these losses on the portfolio, it looks like I’ve actually lost money on the year, which I know is not accurate.

Would the issue be because Accointing fetches the value of the digital assess at the time of the trade from CoinMarketCap and not from the exchange?

You could set these trades as OTC, if the value is too far off.

For ELK that’s quite possible, but for AVAX I can look within the Tradingview window on CMC and see that the price is significantly different.

If the price is significantly different, you could ignore the transaction and manually do an OTC transaction.
This will ensure that you got the right buy-in amount.
In about a month and a half we should have an easier solution for issues like this.

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