COST BASIS FOR DPI (Defi Pulse Index) COIN is incorrect

Hello Sir/mam,

After the recent Number exageration or error of coinmarket cap.

My Cost average of DPI coin is blown out of proportion. My other protfolio coins are all looking good but just DPI is wrong.

I tried deleting the API of the exchange i have it with and redid with new API but still have the problem.

I just tried doing the tax report for checking and it said i owe short term capital gains in millions. ( wish that was true but unfortunately i can only laugh but not be serious about it lol)

Hope this isn’t just me, it would be great if accointing can help me on this.

Thank you,

Please try this and let me know if that solved your issue :slight_smile:

That worked.

Thank you very much Matt!!

Have a good christmas or family time. :slight_smile:

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