Cosmos (ATOM) Wallet


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Any update on Cosmos (ATOM) being added? Seems to be taking a really long time to add it.

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Still working on it!

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Keep chugging away Matt! Looking forward to this being completed! Do you know whether the ability to track staked assets and their rewards will be available through this implementation?


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Hey guys, for clarification for ATOM, we normally work on the top 5 feature requests with the most votes.
Please see my above message to see see here the ATOM wallet is on votes.

As for your question @Hessian19 , I am unsure, it will mostly likely be similar to tracking ETH, but I am unsure how ATOM does their API.

Yes, I would be really happy if the Keplr wallet would finally be integrated.

Hey guys, try this out! Automatically convert your ATOM transactions into a .csv file that you then can upload to Accointing!

Exodus Cosmos address please (auto data exchange) has removed the atom support and in general the project will be suspended end of April 2022. He told on twitter that the code should be source code. Eventually you can get in touch with him to build the code into your own engine because this workaround worked also for Solana.

Yes, we are already on it!

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Is there anything like that for Osmosis? So far didn’t find anything.

Not at the moment, you could create a feature request here on the community board to rack upvotes to add Osmosis.
Start a new topic

Please add Cosmos!!!

The voting system is so stupid. Just add the friggin top 20 blockchains for auto import. Why wait? Just do it. You don’t need people to vote on it.

The reason why we are voting is that there are so many wallets and exchanges that we could implement and we only have so much manpower, so we want to implement 1st the wallets/exchanges that the majority are using.

Support for IBC and Tendermint will help immensely and keep me with Accointing for next year’s taxes.

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