Convert Deposits into Orders. Third-party services comission

Dear Support,

I have the following case.

  1. I created Ethereum Wallet using Metamask
  2. I purchased some ETH using third-party service provided by Metamask. This service charged me certain commission, let’s say 5.0 EUR and transferred 0,0X ETH into my Ethereum Wallet
  3. I imported Ethereum Wallet into Accointing using Add Wallets function.
  4. I see transaction performed by third-party service with 0,0X ETH listed as Deposit.

I want to add commission charged by third-party service into ETH transaction. Unfortunately it is not possible to convert Deposit into Order to enter fee manually. The field for adding FEE is missing

How can I add commission charged by third-party into ETH transaction?

Thanks you!

Please vote and post a comment here about your situation: Add Payment Processors Like Simplex & Moonpay - #3 by Matt

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