Coinbase Withdraw not included

I imported my Coinbase history via CSV.

Everything is fine except one line.

I sold some ETH which are correctly listed:

My Problem: The EUR amount (minus fee) is shown in my Accointing exchange overview - but not in Coinbase.

I can’t remember what happened two years ago, but it looks like I did withdraw that amount to my bank account.

  1. Are Coinbase EUR withdrawals to my bank account included in the CSV file?
  2. Any ideas how to find out what happend to that EUR amount and how to fix this?

Hi @Bierdeckel ,
could you maybe check your csv if you find the withdrawal to your bank?
What happens if you search Euro transactions in coinbase?

you can also dm me

Seems not to be there.

I can only create a CSV or PDF report.

I will send you a direct message.