Coinbase wallet sync to accointing

Hello Sir/mam,

I recently started to make sure all my transactions are being done properly and love the fact that i am able to learn things just by editing the intentions of the transactions on ACCOINTING. Thank you.

Regarding COINBASE WALLET (not the coinbase app) :
- It shows i can add public addresses for the respective Crypto chains.
- However the coins i am trying to input inside Coinbase wallet (on accointing) isnt showing-
up for ex, YFI/AAVE/LINK ETC.

I am aware this might not be a one side solvable solution. I have emailed coinbase wallet regarding this concern. Will update below once i get something from coinbase or figure out a way to extract CSV FROM coinbase wallet (which isn’t available as now 07/25/21) .

Thank you,

Hey guys,

I kind of figured it out I guess. (This worked for me since i dont have more than 15 transactions with my Coinbase wallet)

-Connect to a Dapp (Uniswap/1inch etc)

  • “view on Explorer” option under the wallet connect tab inside the Dapp (top right corner)

Once you click and got the Etherscan explorer :

  • got the transactions and import the CSV.

Once CSV imported:
-Carefully translate/(Copy/paste) it to the accointing " .xlsx " format file.

  • you might pop into some errors but accointing shows what’s the errors, just follow the iterations of changing accordingly and wallah you will defenitly feel better that you figured it out.

Cheers, Hope this is helpful to someone who comes to the small speed breaker with Coinbase wallet.
Wherever you see this item ( twitter,reddit or anywhere else) please do give some support to this item so that coinbase can implement this.

Thank you!


To find your address on your Coinbase Wallet you simply go to the app > Receive > Select the coin you want. Copy and paste that into Accointing :slight_smile:

Hey @Titan93 simply add your ETH and all ERC-20 coins and then if you have another blockchain, you could make a separate one for that instead.
Here are 2 ways to get the same results:

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