Coinbase wallet and BTC - connected but zero balance shown

Hello- Getting my exchanges and wallets connected. I have a Coinbase Wallet (separate app from the Coinbase exchange) and was able to connect the ETH and ETH based tokens in that wallet, but the BTC is displaying a balance of zero, which is not the case. I tried both the SegWit and Legacy addresses, but no joy. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Sadly Coinbase Wallet does not provide users with the xPub address (which knows all your bitcoin addresses). Everytime you click on receive, the bitcoin wallet will make a new address. Thus you will either have to move your coins to a different wallet to get the xPub, or you can input all of your past used addresses in the Coinbase Wallet which you should find under historical transactions.

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No worries, thank you for the information. :+1:

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you still can use the Mnemonic Code Converter to find the xpub address:
read carefully and use this tool offline
at this moment here is a bug with xpub address,not show all transaction in accointing