Coinbase upload not showing up balances on accointing for coins

Coinbase uploads had reported errors since 08/28/21. Now upload reports “Connection is healthy” but now recent transactions balances not showing up in Accointing —> zero balances for BTC and ETH on Accointing. All transactions were uploaded to Accointing. Looks like there is a problem with Accointing not showing coins balances after the connection was interrupted a few days back.

This wallet reports a balance of 0 BTC.
Based on the data imported into Accointing the balance is ** 0.19** BTC.

Probably there are missing transactions, fees or individual amounts are not correct.

Can you please refresh your wallet and see if that solves your issue?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue. It’s just not recognizing my BTC wallet. I unlinked and relinked coinbase and it still does not show. This only began to occur for me after I deposited some ADA from an external wallet. The ADA shows up, but somehow my BTC no longer does.

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Thank you guys

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Is Coinbase the only one causing issues?

yes, Coinbase only. Strangely on Cointracker all is good. I contacted Coinbase service as well: they say that they are aware of this issue but haven’t find a solution.

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Okay, thank for for contacting them!

Did they get back to you and let you know if they have fixed it, @Yarek ? :slight_smile:

Coinbase responded that they are aware and working on it but nothing changed so far. Looks like nobody has a clue why this is happening. Just wondering if this is an isolated problem or involving all accounts?

Best regards

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I can tell you that my personal account is unaffected.
Are you able to create a new live connection to see if that one is also off?

I tried new live connection multiple times and that did not work. Also created a new Accointing account and got the same problem with Coinbase. Cointracker works OK. Any thoughts?

Is it similar to this?

My current Coinbase API Version: 2017-10-24 which can be upgraded on Coinbase. Is the older API version responsible for the Coinbase sync error? Should we upgrade the API? Any idea?

API Version and Notifications

API version is generally passed as a CB-VERSION header. If the API version is omitted, the version displayed below will be used. Learn more about API versioning. Learn more about API versioning.

Notifications allow you to subscribe to updates for your OAuth application or API key. Since notifications are delivered via webhooks, they always correspond to the API version displayed below. Before upgrading your service, ensure that your application is ready to accept the latest notification version. Learn more about notifications.

API Version: 2017-10-24 Upgrade

Requesting notifications via API will respect API version defined in the request.

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Sorry I forgot the link:

We will take a look :slight_smile: