Coinbase - Not Pulling Transactions

I have used the Live Connection tool to connect Coinbase (Regular) to Accointing and it will pull my coin balances over to Accointing. However it does not download any transactions and displays the error, “API keys are invalid, outdated or missing permissions.” When I click on the Edit button, it also reads, “Connection is down - Last updated: 5/19/21, 5:47 PM”. This has been going on for hours. I know that Coinbase had some issues earlier today, but I believe the API is up.

Can you try again to refresh it tomorrow, I know that Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are going through some maintenance or something? Each time that I try to login to Coinbase Pro, for example, I get Error 54493259.
Let’s check back again in a day or 2 to see if it resolves itself before we look into this anymore :slight_smile:


I have notice I am missing a bunch of transactions on Coinbase Pro from May 19th.

Hey @slowgains have you tried the above solution?

Hey @dsj421 are you still having issues?

I have refreshed it several times and it always leaves out those transactions. It took several hours but I manually entered most of the missing transactions. I think I’m still missing a few to get it to reconcile but I haven’t had time to find what’s still missing.

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I’m going to need you to help me out with the following:

  1. Account details
  2. Screenshot of the error you received
  3. Wallet/Exchange you were using when you encountered this issue
  4. Exchange or Wallet API keys, Wallet Address or CSV used to try to replicate the error (if required, send passphrase and secret key as well)
  5. A link to this page (This Community Board Post)

Please send all of this to and we will try to help you out as quickly as possible.

Hey guys, does this article help? Using the Coinbase Pro API with - Accointing Blog - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & tax Software

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