Coinbase (not PRO) Balances do not match - Reconcile not working

After syncing Coinbase account (not pro), balances do not match. When I review and use the missing funds tool, I have the option to reconcile. When I reconcile, the balances are still off and when I go to the missing funds tool the reconcile shows the same amounts as the previous reconcile.

What type of connection you use?I use Live Connection and not have a single error.

I use the live connection.

Hey @madangelmak does this sound like a similar issue? Missing Funds Issue

Working this morning.All set. Thanks.

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We sadly had an issue with the calculations that resulted in an error for the users. Basically, ACCOINTING was not able to calculate the current day or calculate newly inserted transactions into the DB. The issue has been resolved and has now removed the banner that was displayed for some users.

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