Coinbase internal transfers

There are so many issues with this software. I hope support can fix these issues.

I have many transfers from coinbase #1 account to #2 account on coinbase for 2020. These transfers don’t go on blockchain so don’t have transaction hash but I need to mark them internal. but when I try to mark them internal, this software takes me to internal page and then there is nothing there. now, I go back to full dataset and now I realize that I have to apply date filter again for last year which apparently does not do filtering of database by clicking “last year” option (another bug or it just goes back 366 days…why?) so I have to select start and end dates of last year manually to filter dataset and then again I find out that older transaction which I tried to mark internal is still showing “unknown sender” and not marked internal (bug). How to fix this “unknown sender”?

to make matter tough, “internal” option is not in edit dialog for a transaction. why? (missing feature or bug?)

how to handle this situation?

try this:

I read that article but I cannot add coinbase #1 account as it is closed. so, coinbase #1 is showing as “unknown sender”. how to make it say “coinbase #1” and mark txn as “internal”

I need to file my last year taxes…so if you have any inputs, it will be highly appreciated. Just want to wrap up last year. see image below for unknown sender issue. also, date filters on full dataset should stay until I remove them, I have already filtered like 100s of times. you could remember last few filters. further, date selection in filter is so unintuitive…it should be standard date selection like we do at other sites. so confusing and not user-friendly.

What you need to do is categorize them.
Where are these transactions from? I can see they were sent to you. Were they sent from a fried, bounty from a company, transferred from one of your other wallets?

Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification: You searched for classifications - The Hub on

Is there training you have for your software I can do to make sure that final taxes calculated are correct? I will file the taxes but most likely they will be wrong right now. currently, full dataset shows 740 unclassified transactions. fixing them one by one seems like will take forever

as I said earlier, those unknown senders are my coinbase old account which is closed now. I can’t access it. how to add that closed account in your software?

also, not all transactions have classification. example are orders. how do I classify them?
and when you swap eth to say some erc20 token, what kind of transaction it is? and why it is not automatically classified? how am i suppose to classify manually 740 transactions?

@bluepasta I answered your question here
Video training on creating correct tax report - #2 by Matt

  1. You can email Coinbase to see if you get get a .csv file of thise transactions.
  2. You can classify those as add funds or remove funds, I send you a link to what each classification means and how you are taxed per country per classification. That link will be in the reply in the post I mentioned above.
  1. This classification would be a Swap or Order.
  2. We cannot auto classify most things for you because we do not know what you did with your crypto. Our system cannot tell the difference between sending crypto to charity or sending crypto as payment to buy something.