Coinbase Fehler

Accointing lässt ein paar Coins von Coinbase (ETH, XRP) verschwinden (Live Verbindung), angeblich gab es eine Transaktion. Die Coins sind definitiv noch da, auch in den CSVs taucht der Fehler nicht auf. Gibt es aktuelle Probleme mit Coinbase?

Some of you have had problems with your Coinbase account. Coinbase changed its APIs a week ago without any communication. Coinbase does not return BTC and ETH accounts if all accounts are queried. We have now corrected this to include them again. Let me know if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:

ETH and XRP should work after a quick refresh :slight_smile:

The total value seems correct, but the profits are clearly wrong. Thx

We have found more issue with the Coinbase’s LIVE connection and are working on it as we speak :slight_smile: