Coinbase Balance Still not Working

I know this has been reported multiple times already, but I’ve went through all the other threads and nothing works for me. The threads keep getting closed so I’m wondering if there has been a fix or if I’m the only one still with this issue. I’ve gone through all my transactions and everything is perfect, but ETH and BTC show as if there is 0 balance in Coinbase. The other coins I have are fine. I know the API only gets a certain number of connections per hour, but it never reads a balance for me after over a month now. Any updates on this, or is this just something that has to be fixed on Coinbase’s end. Not trying to be a bother, but this is a big issue since it throws everything in my portfolio off. Thanks.

I also have the same issue since weeks and reported it. But the Accointing support did nothing. Always the same stupid answers and no help.

Still having the same issue

So for Coinbase, we are limited to 10k calls per hour for the entire Accointing server. So sometimes we go over this limit and we get errored out, we are working on a fix but ideally, we need to ask Coinbase to increase the limits.

I get that, but it’s strange that other coins work, just not BTC and ETH. If it’s a call limit issue, shouldn’t it show up that I have some BTC and ETH in my account at least some of the times I refresh? It’s been months now and it always says there is a zero balance no matter how many times it syncs through the API. I really like Accointing, but this isn’t a small issue that’s just slightly annoying like many of the other ones I’ve had. Until this is fixed, my portfolio can’t be used for tax purposes. Really hope it gets fixed soon!


I’m having the same problem with the Coinbase API not updating. Also, hoping it gets fixed soon!