Coinbase api repeatedly duplicating txs

coinbase api keeps duplicating txs and i keep having to ignore them and then they just get duplicated again

its constantly doing this

Would you be willing to send us your data so that we can take a deeper look into this? If so, please fill out this support ticket form :slight_smile: And ask for Matt

Select all the read-only API options when you send it to us

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:
The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account, is encrypted.

Yes. I will fill it out now. I am using the coinbase api where i log in, which is probably why its encrypted.

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I find it same for Binance, any interest transaction is duplicated

please also send your Binance data if you are seeing duplicates.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

Hey guys, is this still an issue?

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