Coin prices and chart are way off

Looks like the issue is with CoinMarketCap. Their site is showing crazy prices for all coins. Unfortunately, none of the exchanges are showing the same prices. :frowning:

This is due to coinmarketcap. I suggest accointing to rely on coingecko instead. They are more stable and overall better.


…Just wait a few years and let prices catch up, then it’ll be correct.

I already ordered my private jet and island! Wait, half the value now?

Seriously, with all the bugs and glitches I’ve encountered with Accointing, I’m not sure it was worth my investment. How can we be assures the tax calculations are going to be correct? I love being able to see all my accounts in one place, but not if I can’t trust the info is accurate…

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the price of ADAI is still wrong. Currently at £1036!

The portfolio value is now displayed correctly again, but the net profit is still displayed incorrectly in the dashboard. Is there a way to reset the error except to re-enter everything again?

CoinMarketCap was reporting wrong data earlier, they fixed it now so the issue should have resolved itself :slight_smile:

Not really. The numbers are ok however, the profit and portfolio value display are still completely useless, as the one spike has driven the profit so high that the actual numbers just aren’t really shown (See screenshot). Is there at least the possibility to take the one day out of the course. Otherwise the charts are really useless for the next months.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-16 um 08.56.39

Everything seems to be correct now, but I’m still showing realized gains of 1,689,560,420 in USDC this year. That will be really rough on me since there’s no way I can pay that much in taxes this year! Any idea what this could be? Thanks!

For transactions that were imported during the period in which CMC reported wrong prices, you may still experience incredible values. The fix to that is to let ACCOINTING assign prices freshly. We do that if you switch between countries with a different taxable currency (e.g. Germany & USA). Do that once and your transactions prices will be fixed.

Sorry about the inconvenience with CMC!

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Can you provide a guide for this fix. My coin prices are showing correct however, my avg purchase price for BTC and USDT are all off the charts. BTC showing avg purchase price of $675,197,384.21 and USDT $4,398,431.49. It is not affecting my portfolio chart however, I’d like to know what my avg purchase price really is for BTC. It showing crazy values in my profit/loss column. I have tried re-adding my exchanges with a new API key but the issue persists. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you

Sure! So you will need to go to the Settings page and then switch for example to Germany, afterwards you switch back to your actual country, let say US (red arrow).

As soon as the change of a country leads to a change of the ‘Tax relevant currency’ (green arrow), then ACCOINTING will reload all prices for your portfolio. Let me know if that works!


Thanks! That solved the problem!

This worked. Thanks!

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Thank you! That fixed it!

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The glitch is still there

Please try the solution again, please email us if you are still having issues: