Coin being flagged as another coin

WAGMI in my wallet is being flagged as this ONE token contract:0x0dc78c79b4eb080ead5c1d16559225a46b580694 but it is really an ETH token contract:0x9724f51e3afb6b2ae0a5d86fd3b88c73283bc38f

This is completely throwing off my wallet balance.

I can help with that.
Can you send me the CoinMarketCap link of the coin you actually hold?
And please let me know which exchange/wallet you hold this coin on :slight_smile:

WAGMI price today, $WAGMI to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap this is the link for the coin and I hold it in my metamask wallet

I believe that I was able to fix the issue. Can you please check? All future transactions should be fixed, but all past ones may need to be manually updated to the correct coin.

I found another issue:

WAGMI is not currently tracked on CMC, therefore it may not tell you the current value of the coin on Accointing.

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