Coin % allocations and coin name missing from portfolio allocation

Last week I noticed that the % allocations for each coin in the portfolio seems to be missing from portfolio allocation section. The coin names are also missing.

These always used to be available and was a useful visual tool. Without the % numbers or the coin names the pie chart is a waste of time.

Please can Accointing look into where the names and % has gone?

Thank you.

I see that on the portfolio page as well, to the right should be the exchange/wallets and the % should be on the right side:

The % on the exchanges is different.

This is coin % is something that has changed relatively recently. The portfolio allocation always used to show the % of coins.

It was useful.

Why has this been stopped or no longer shown?

Topic bump for some feedback from the team based on the original posting…

This should be fixed by next week :slight_smile:

Good to know. Thanks

OK great! The %s are super useful.

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When is this going to be fixed? Also, why did it go missing?

No sign of the fix you promised “by next week” - any update on this?

Yup agreed. Still does not work…

Sorry guys, other bugs came up and he was busy fixing them instead, I will ping him about this bug now.

Actually, the coin logos display after some time, while I was writing this bug report. Performance may need to be looked at.

It seems to be working ok now…

The bug has been fixed, please take a look today :smiley:

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