CMC glitch on December 14, 2021 gives us wrong cost basis on Accointing

The cost basis in your software is wrong for crypto received on December 14, 2021. There was a glitch for many cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap, and your software pulled in these wrong values. I hope their is a fix for these wrong values because it affects our cost basis for taxes. Thanks

Welcome @Avenger1984

It seems that has been reported and solved here.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Perilla,

I appreciate you trying to help me. I tried changing my language, changing my currency, and tried logging out and back in. Unfortunately no action that I’ve taken has solved the problem. The problem is that my GRT holdings show a “profit/loss” of around negative $300,000. This should only be in the tens of dollars. I believe that it’s due to the price feed glitch from December 14 for one of my transactions during the glitch. I haven’t tried creating a new, free account and adding my transactions again, but that’s very tedious.

Thanks again

In that case, a workaround to set the cost basis correct would be to create an OTC trade instead.

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