Clearing Tax report selections and starting again

I’ve just tried to use the tax report for the first time. A number of questions came up and I was trying different things, but now it has things like “No transactions without classifications found”. I don’t know if it has set the right classifications but I don’t see how to reset this and start report review again.

Also, two unknown currencies were detected on Stellar - LIES and MOONTWINKIES. I think these are airdropped NFTs, but I never requested them so I have no idea what to do other than ignore.

And, for the classifications I saw transactions that were transfers between a manually created wallet template and another wallet, but the only option seemed to be Add or Remove funds - I couldn’t see any way to mark these as transfers.

And, I couldn’t see any classification for DeFi staking and borrowed DAI.

Please can you help me restart the tax reporting process and advise what are the best classifications to use.

Paul Dove