Classify Staked ETH (stETH) as ETH

I’m wondering if it’s possible to classify staked ETH/stETH as regular ETH so that I can sync my transactions via API and have them matched as Internal without having to go in and manually hide and add new manual transactions. The end goal is to avoid a taxable event for the staking deposits/withdrawals.

I looked at your article on wrapped/pegged tokens and it looks like this is possible by using the unidentified currencies and just matching the wrapped asset to the normal one. I believe this would work in my situation, but stETH is recognized by Accointing and doesn’t appear on that screen.

(I did look at your article on staked assets, but it doesn’t reference what you do with the staking token that resides in the wallet while assets are staked. Plus if this works it would be much simpler)

Is there any workaround for this? If not, the ability to manually match one token to another on that Unknown Currencies screen would be a great addition.

I know stETH is not the same as ETH 2.0, but I believe this article would be a simular situation - ETH 2.0 Staking Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog |

It’s close, but a little different because stETH is recognized by Accointing, so it doesn’t show up under unknown currencies. I ran into a similar situation trying to bridge wrapped LUNA (WLUNA) to regular LUNA. The former was recognized as a token so I couldn’t set it to be treated as LUNA, and had to ignore transactions and create new manual ones which is tedious.

I’m sure there are challenges in doing this on the backend, but I think an elegant solution from the end-user’s perspective would be to allow “custom” currency mappings that override whatever Accointing detects as the token. i.e. allow us to force WLUNA to be recognized and treated as LUNA, and stETH as ETH, etc.

Please read this and see if this helps: