Classify Play 2 Earn Gaming

I make my first tax report (Swiss), i only make play to earn games.
Now i have the problem how to classify it.
So i am able to play my Game but MUST own some sort of NFT for it, when i play now i pay some fee and after play i get NFT/Token Rewards. how to classify it ? it is no bounty, and with gambling income i dont agree like it depends not on Luck, can i mark it as swap ? or what shopud i do

Most likely, it would be Bounty.

Here is the breakdown of classifications:
Here is how you are taxed per classification:

We asked BDO Switzerland and this is what they said.

Thx i was already together with 2 from BDO swiss before half year, and they said to me my gaming nft and play to earn will not be taxable, and with gambling option i have over 25k taxable income, when i get tax for this money i can go strait to jail like i have nothing on my konto from it, or be able to get it out to my konto. This is near my real taxable money from work and even this i have to pay over months