Hi Support,

Is there a document which explains the classification types and when they should be used? Some of them are self-explanatory but some aren’t.


  1. If I purchased crypto for FIAT how should that be classified?
  2. If I transfer crypto from exchange to my wallet and vice versa which category is that?
  3. Exchange to exchange transfers?

Some of the exchange to exchange transactions were automatically recognised but some weren’t. I have a lot of items to fix.


Hi @lotrek! Here’s an explanation for it:

@lotrek you can bulk classify those transactions that you need to fix btw.

Hi Rod,

I am reading on the document you just sent but can’t seem to find these two:

Staking Coins that you are using to stake.
Staking Income Coins that you earn during staking.

Staking (it’s in the Review page)

Staking Income=Income